Welcome to "New Beginnings"
in the Emmaus/Chrysalis Community of South Central Kentucky.
Fly with Christ!

The next Chrysalis flight is April 7-9, 2017, at Allen County High School. Applications are below.
Dates for the Spring Walks!!

Men's Walk #87 is April 20-23, 2017

Women's Walk #88 is April 27-30, 2017
Come join us at the Community Gatherings every 2nd Saturday of each month at 6pm, Christ United Methodist Church.

Child care is currently not offered based on need, if interested please suggest at monthly gatherings!
Emmaus Chrysalis Newsletter
Winter 2017 (C)

Date of next Gatherings are Saturday, February 11, and March 11 &, 6:00pm at Christ United Methodist Church, on Cave Mill Road, Bowling Green Ky.

Happy 2017 from the Emmaus Board!

As we leave 2016, we have many things to be proud of as the Bowling Green Emmaus Community. Many pilgrims experienced Women's Walk #84, Men's Walk #85, and Women's Walk #86. After ten years of silence, Chrysalis #24 took flight last November. Community members showed resounding support for these Walks and Flight by attending send-off, candlelight and closing. There is no community without YOU!! So thank you! The BG Emmaus Community also hosted the South Central Regional Emmaus Conference in July, 2016. There were approximately 50 participants from across the region. We were able to share great information with one another and obtained training from the Upper Room staff. We plan to extends the training to you in the near future.

The Board would like to congratulate and welcome its newly elected Board members for 2017. They are Mr. Lee Angela, Melissa Trent, Staci Haney and Dolores Anthony. The members going off the Board are Brenda Smith and Bill Elsener. On behalf of the community, I want to thank these members for their many years of service and dedication to the Walk to Emmaus. We are excited to see what God will be doing in the future. Please note that Board Meetings and all other meetings of our community will now be at 6 p.m. The first Gathering for 2017 is January 14 at 6 p.m. at Christ United Methodist Church in Bowling Green. This is for all Emmaus Members plus Chrysalis Butterflies.

Here are the upcoming Walks and Flights:

Chrysalis Flight #25 = April 7-9, 2017, at Allen County High School.
Lay Directors = Bruce Gaines (Boys) and Dana Patterson (Girls)

Men's Walk #87 = April 20-23 at Christ United Methodist Church in BG
Lay Director = Mark Gassaway

Women's Walk #88 = April 27 - 20 at Christ United Methodist Church in BG
Lay Director = Dorothy Brame

Please be in prayer for these upcoming walks and flight. Also pray about whom you will sponsor for these.

Happy New Year as we embark on 2017 with a spirit of high idealism and cooperation.

De Colores,
Dorothy Brame
Community Lay Director

Prayer Request
Emmaus/Chrysalis Board Members - Chrysalis Flights - Emmaus Walks

Ron Cummings
Community Lay Director
Bowling Green Emmaus #37

Fellow Brothers & Sisters in CHRIST,

I am so excited for the Bowling Green/ South Central Kentucky Emmaus & Chrysalis Community because the Spirit of the LORD is moving powerfully through our community. The Men's Walk to Emmaus will be beginning Thursday Evening September 13th at 6:00PM at the Christ United Methodist Church and the Women's Walk the very next week starting on Thursday September 20th at same time and location as the Men's Walk.
As our Community revives from it's slumber of the past few years, we must never forget why this Community was formed to begin with, which was to bring ALL people with a closer walk with our LORD JESUS CHRIST and to empower and strengthen them to go back into each person's church and serve in a powerful way.
I want each and every one of you to remember back to your own walk or flight and reflect on the powerful and life changing experiences you had during your special weekend. So I am asking for each of you to come and support these pilgrims as they go through their "once in a lifetime" experience by serving in some way (serving meals, candlelight, agape, snack food, etc.)
We MUST not quit and be diligent in our efforts to serve the LORD and the spirit and movement of GOD will make this Community wonderful again and have a waiting list for those who want to come on the Walk and for those who want to serve on the Team.
I want to "Thank" all the loyal and faithful folks who have kept this Community alive with their service and dedication, but now it is time for ALL of us to move forward and make this the best Emmaus/ Chrysalis Community that it can be. You can count on me to do whatever needs to be done and I will stand with each and every one of you who are equally committed to serving out Lord.
DeColores and Fly With Christ!!

Ron Cummings
Community Lay Director